04 April 2012

57 Milk Packaging Design Inspiration

M!LK by Natasha Subianto

Milk Packaging

Vita Milk

Milk Carton InstaTuts Tutorial

Milk Packaging by Sanna Annukka

Milk Packaging

Feez Milk Packaging

Milk Packaging

Kido Milk by Esra Oguz

milk the self warming baby bottle

milk by david fung

milk by Ffunction

Cottontail Packaging by Megan Humphrey

Bills Milkshake by I Love Dust

Summercow Milk by Bili Cardona

Novelia by Zakhar Krylov

Milk Matters by Mark steady away

Organic Valley Milk by Lisa Ellerin Chris Yoon

Designer Milk Packaging by Darren Custance

Dina Farms by Mohamed Rifky

Milko by Alfonso Sotelo Nava

Just Milk by Branko Vukelic

Muscle Milk ReUp by Astro Studio

Oscars Ranch Milk by Wes2299

Lattina by Alessandro Dallafina & Team

Good Milk by Arthur Schreiber

Melkebart Milk by Kine Marie Kapaasen Madsen

Organic Meadow Milk by Yana Stepchenko

Milk Packaging by Anna Stout

Milk Package by Nadie Parshina

Milk Package by Beata Faron

Milk by William Lee

Eco Milk by Designradar

Milk by Alvaro Rubioc

Milk Packaging Design by Lucy Hawkins

Woolworths Milk Carton by Ivana Raguz

Ambrosia Milk Packaging by Allison Biesboer

Forest Milk by Rise Design Office

Muymuy Milk by isleepbetter

Gotta Moo Package by Narani Kannan

Milko by Lisa Furingsten Ida Johansson Stellan Rexmark Thomas Björksund

Mini milk by Elizabeth ritchie

Milch Lait latte by Florian Brunner

spotted cow by motto

milk by Anna Uzkikh

8th continent soy milk by BBDO West & Ben Javens

mew by subconscious

airmilk by binalogue

mjolk by claudia andrea saavedra

izzi milk boxes by vuong nguyen

true milk by pavel gubin

Packaging that delivers by alice samadi
milk set by anton repponen

Familky by June Ng

mleko by genesis duncan

MLK designed by depot WPF Branding Agency russia


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