17 May 2010

15 Exceptional Handwritten Free Fonts

Handwritten Fonts

Typography is possibly one of the most important design aspects of any project; using typography that doesn’t compliment your design can be incredibly detrimental to the design and effect usability and obviously the aesthetic properties of the project. There are thousands of fonts from many foundries available, as well as custom fonts that people wish to create and share. Common sense will tell us that the paid fonts will be of a much higher quality, and have the full character sets but there of course exceptions to the rule. (Museo and Chunk are a couple of great examples.)

With every element of design there are trends. One typography trend that we have seen quite a bit, is of handwritten fonts. This style can be used in many ways, for example client testimonials, signatures and in grunge designs. I have gathered 15 handwritten fonts that particularly stand out for me; the notable part worth mentioning is they are all free. But please do read the usage rights regarding commercial designs and projects.

1. Allie Writing

Allie Writing

Download Allie Writing

2. BigMisterC

Big Mister C

Download BigMisterC

3. Breakfast at Michy’s

Breakfast At Michy's

Download Breakfast at Michy’s

4. Child’s Play

Child's Play

Download Child’s Play

5. Daniel


Download Daniel

6. Dear Joe Five Casual

Dear Joe Five Casual

Download Dear Joe Five Casual

7. Honey I Stole Your Jumper

Honey I Stole Your Jumper

Download Honey I Stole Your Jumper

8. Jenny


Download Jenny

9. Jinky


Download Jinky

10. Journal


Download Journal

11. Nathan’s Notations

Nathan's Notations

Download Nathan’s Notations

12. Next


Download Next

13. PopStar Autograph

Popstar Autograph

Download PopStar Autograph

14. Saginaw


Download Saginaw

15. Two Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves

Download Two Turtle Doves

Note : Cover Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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