14 May 2010

Graphic Resumes: 35 Most Creative Resume Examples

graphic resume

Graphic Resume has been gaining popularity among creative professionals as a way to standout from the competition and grab the attention of employers. Especially if you are applying for a creative or design job, it is advantageous to make a good impression at the first glance by submitting a resume that represent the skills that you have. Think of resume as your biggest opportunity to show your creativity before even meeting the person tasked to hire you. Do not be afraid to set yourself apart from the crowd and dare to try something unique. In this post we gathered a total of 35 of what we believe are the most creative resume examples to inspire you in creating your own unique resume. Some of these resumes were actually used by applicants in applying for a job while some are just concepts.

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  1. Now a days graphic designers tries to represent a sample of their work in resumes...

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