18 May 2010

MyInkBlog 2 Year Anniversary + Huge Giveaway Celebration

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2 Year Anniversary + Huge Giveaway Celebration
Blogs rarely last very long. They age more in dog years than human years, so making it two full years feels like quite an accomplishment. I’m stoked with the progress the site has made and the support from the design community and my sponsors. I’m shocked and humbled it’s already been a full year since the birth of my son, which I shared about in my 1st year anniversary post. He’s healthy and amazingly energetic, he makes me smile constantly, and is just a blessing in the truest sense of the word. Below is a little glimpse of what I mean :)

Some MIB Tidbits, Facts and Musings

I love checking out other blog’s milestone/anniversary posts. It’s nice to see how far they’ve come and where they are headed. In my last anniversary post, I missed the opportunity to share some numbers with you, so I don’t want to make that mistake again. In a style inspired by Little Box of Idea’s Anniversary Post, here are some tidbits, facts and musings about MIB’s first two years.
  • MIB’s most viewed post remains Design with Swirls and Flourishes with over 305,000 views.
  • Yes, I do realize most people associate MIB with Men in Black, but I’m lazy enough to still use the acronym quite often.
  • I started MyInkBlog’s Facebook Page on December 6, 2009. It now has 761 fans (likes, followers, or whatever facebook decided to do with that?)
  • The name MyInkBlog is a play on words from ink blot to ink blog thanks to a little help from my wife. InkBlog.com was taken so MyInkBlog became the name of choice.
  • MIB has published over 265 posts from 31 different authors, and we are always on the lookout for new talented contributors.
  • There have been over 4,995 published comments from you guys. The first such comment was from April DeStefano, a friend of mine.
  • Akismet has saved me the burden of looking through over 56,000 spam comments. Wow, I love that plugin!
  • Twitter has proven to be more helpful than my wildest expectations, which isn’t all that impressive considering my early skepticism. MIB now has over 5,800 followers and has been listed 616 times. If you aren’t already, I’d love if you follow along.
  • I received a tshirt for my post on Adobe Kuler from the folks at Adobe. A gift that my geeky side rejoiced about for long enough to make it a running joke amongst my wife an I.
  • MIB’s RSS feed climbed over 10,000 a couple times this month, and is currently at just over 9,700 right now.
  • MIB averages about 6,000 page views daily. The record day was 39,840 set back on May 25, 2009 thanks to the Stumble Effect on 10 Awesome Free Handwritten Fonts.
  • Over the past year I have developed a real distaste for list posts and have made a conscious effort not to waste your time or mine with more posts like “458 Websites with Purple Robots” (although come to think of it, that may be pretty cool).
  • Allowing BuySellAds to manage my advertising was one of the best decisions I’ve made with this blog. Time saved is invaluable!

The Huge Giveaway

I promised a huge giveaway, and thanks to some awesome sponsors I’m going to deliver. Two successful years in the blogging world doesn’t come without lots of loyal readers. I could think of no better way to thank you folks, than to give away some incredible gifts. So here is what is up for grabs.

2 Copies of David Airey’s Book – Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love
An awesome book by David Airey that explores logos and branding identity. You can read my thoughts on this book in the review that I wrote.

2 Copies of Billings

Billings is a fantastic invoicing solution at a reasonable price. They’ve just added an iPhone app making it even more convenient. For more info, check out the review of Billings that I wrote.

3 Licenses of Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a very nice Photoshop alternative at a much better price. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does have more than enough to do most jobs, and the interface is slick.

3 Licenses of Brush Pilot

Brush Pilot
Brush Pilot is a fast and easy application for previewing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements Brushes, built exclusively for Mac.

3 Copies of Digging Into Wordpress

Digging Into Wordpress
Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr’s comprehensive book on building Wordpress sites.

5 Cloud Pack Textures from Brian Iannone

Cloud Pack 001
This is a premium set of 24 awesome cloud textures.

$9.99 Vector Pack of Your Choice

Go Media Vector Pack
Go Media has some of the best premium vector packs out there.

3 Copies of the Smashing Book

Smashing Book
The Smashing Book is a printed book about best practices in modern Web design.

How To Enter

I wanted to keep the entry into this contest as simple as possible so the focus stays on thanking all of you. To enter simply drop me a comment below to be eligible to win any of the prizes. That being said, I’d still love it if you friended MyInkBlog on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribed to the RSS feed. The winners will be chosen at random by mysql queries. The deadline to enter is June 7th, 2010, after that point commenting on this post will be turned off. I will announce the winners in a followup post.

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